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  • Search engine optimization - seo visibility - allows search engines to find your site and increase traffic and sales to your site.
  • Online searches are an important component of infomercial marketing.
  • Offline media channels such as TV, radio and print clearly influence a staggering percentage of online searches, according to a study by JupiterResearch.
  • 67% of the online search population is driven to search by offline media channels, with TV advertising driving the highest percentage of online searches. Source: JupiterResearch
  • 39% of online searchers that are influenced by offline media channels such as TV ads, magazine/newspaper advertising, and radio ultimately make a purchase. Source: iProspect, August 2007
  • This 39% conversion rate suggests a synergistic relationship exists between search and offline advertising channels. Source: Jupiter Research
  • Daily online search users are more influenced to perform searches as a result of exposure to offline channels, such as TV and radio, than less frequent searchers.
  • Over one-third of online search users who perform a search as a result of exposure to some offline channel recall making a purchase as a result of that search. Source: iProspect, August 2007
  • All ranges of age, income, and online tenure reported that conducting search engine queries has become more important to their use of the Internet over the last year. Source: iProspect, August 2007
  • Since users report that the activity of searching is growing more important to them, then businesses need to make sure that their website is found by searchers.
  • Infomercials and DRTV advertising are excellent mediums for driving consumers to companies' web sites to purchase products or services.
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