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Infomercial media buying is a critical component of an infomercial campaign. More money is allocated to an infomercial media buy than to any other component of a successful infomercial campaign, so it's critical to understand the infomercial media buying process. By working with an experienced infomercial media buying service provider you will increase the chances of your infomercial campaign being a success.
Infomercial DRTV will provide you with everything you need to know about the infomercial media buying process, from infomercial media testing, to campaign rollout, to media funding, reporting and analysis. Infomercial DRTV will provide infomercial marketers with everything they need to know about the infomercial media buying process and what to look for in an infomercial media buying service.


  • Type of media purchased
    Infomercial media time can be purchased on both a national and local market level. National airtime is sold through national cable...
  • Infomercial media buyer
    It's important to work with an experienced infomercial media buyer if you want your infomercial campaign to be successful...
  • Media buying process from testing to roll-out to taking a product to retail
    An infomercial media test typically costs between $10,000 and $15,000. An infomercial test schedule usually consists of a combination of local broadcast station and smaller national cable and satellite network infomercial...
  • Track, monitor and optimize results
    An experienced infomercial media buying firm can help you manage your infomercial campaign, to insure that it's profitable...
  • Benefits of an infomercial
    Excellent for lead generated campaigns and for developing marketing leads. Branded acquisition. Significantly longer air time to communicate...
  • Is media funding available for infomercial campaigns
    Media funding is available for successful infomercial campaigns. Infomercial media time needs to be paid to the stations in advance. Infomercial marketers who need funds to better manage their cash flow...
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