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  • Infomercial DRTV is working with both Internet retailers and direct response marketers who are utilizing direct response television, radio and print to increase traffic and sales on their websites.
  • Many of these marketers who were only using online advertising to market their websites, have found that direct response TV, print and radio have been instrumental in taking their online sales to the next level.
  • Tapping Into the Power of DRTV To Drive Web Sales
  • Web-only businesses that do web-only advertising need to realize that TV is the biggest mass medium and has a proven ability to drive people to the web.
  • Over 50% of people who are surfing online are also watching TV simultaneously. This allows potential customers to easily log onto your website when they see your ad on TV.
  • TV, Radio and Print Advertising Drives Online Search and Generates Online Purchases
  • 67% of the online search population is driven to search by offline media channels, with TV advertising driving the highest percentage of online searches. Source: JupiterResearch
  • 39% of the online searchers that are influenced by offline media channels such as TV ads, magazine/newspaper advertising and radio ultimately make a purchase. Source: iProspect, August 2007
  • Over one-third of online search users who perform a search as a result of exposure to some offline channel recall making a purchase as a result of that search. Source: iProspect, August 2007
  • Case Study
  • A well-known online dating site had seen their sales plateau at $10 million while utilizing just online advertising.
  • By adding DRTV and radio to their advertising program, they were able to drive substantial new traffic and increase customer conversion on their site, which helped increase their sales to $100 million.
  • Multi-Media Advertising Approach that Works
  • Companies that are relying solely on one advertising medium are missing the mark. It takes a combination of direct response television, radio, and Internet advertising to make a true impact on today's consumers.
  • Koeppel Direct can help you leverage your marketing dollars by using the synergy of DRTV, print and radio with online marketing to maximize your web sales.
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