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The Internet has become a critical component of any successful online infomercial campaign. More and more infomercial sales are taking place online. This section of the Infomercial DRTV site provides an overview of the increasingly important role online is playing in infomercial marketing. It will help answer key questions about how to most effectively incorporate the web into your infomercial campaign and how to take your infomercial online.
  • Infomercials and the Internet
    With an infomercial campaign that incorporates an online marketing component you can reach a broader customer base than just using a traditional DRTV...
  • SEO Visibility - Search Engine Optimization
    Search engine optimization - seo visibility - allows search engines to find your site and increase traffic and sales to your site...
  • SEM Marketing - Search Engine Marketing
    SEM differs from SEO, in that SEM uses pay-per-click advertising, web banners, and online coupons to increase traffic to a site...
  • Publish your infomercial online
    69.39% of all Internet users have a broadband connection. This makes it easier to view video, podcasting and flash...
  • Blogs and podcasting
    Blogs are short for "web logs." They are easy to use and simple to set up, and they are a great format for promoting businesses...
  • Marketing online versus offline advantages and disadvantages
    67% of the online search population is driven to search by offline media channels, with TV advertising driving the highest percentage of online searches....
  • Marketing pros driving traffic to web sites
    Infomercial DRTV is working with both Internet retailers and direct response marketers who are utilizing direct response television, radio and print to increase traffic and sales on their websites...
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