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Infomercial DRTV has developed a sophisticated audience profiling and tracking platform (MAPP). This new technology enables us to more efficiently reach the right target customer for each direct response campaign. MAPP continuously evaluates current consumer response data, which allows for the optimization of a media buy throughout the course of the campaign. This translates into more profitable DRTV campaigns for our clients.
Developing More Targeted Media Plans Utilizing MAPP
  • Media Audience Profiling Platform (MAPP) amalgamates multiple sources of data, which are analyzed in developing media plans that are customized for each campaign. Through this process, MAPP pinpoints the networks, stations and programming viewed with the highest frequency among consumers, within the target demographic profile, that have purchased a similar type of product or service.
  • MAPP merges this data with "real time" network rankings and ratings, which maximizes the information available for identifying the best networks and programming for our media campaigns.
  • Our analytics team reviews this information in conjunction with media that has historically performed well for comparable products targeting a similar audience. This information is derived from Infomercial DRTV's 12-year database of campaign performance for all major product categories.
  • Lastly, the resulting data is integrated into customized reports. These reports consolidate demographic and competitive data, ratings and past results into a usable format, which can be easily interpreted by our strategists, buyers, and clients.
  • Campaign Management and Optimization Utilizing MAPP
    Once the campaign commences, MAPP employs advanced tracking and reporting metrics to ensure ROI efficiency.
  • MAPP can be customized to capture, track and measure a wide range of relevant information to effectively manage each campaign.
  • MAPP includes a Geo-Demographic Response Analysis Module. MAPP produces concise maps, which track consumer response on many levels, such as nationally, by state, by DMA, by county, by city or zip code. In addition, this mapping module incorporates responses by network and station.
  • MAPP also tracks response by demographic. For example, MAPP can ascertain the response rate for women 25-54, with an income range of $50,000-$75,000, by geographic location.
  • When applied to a national campaign, MAPP identifies "hot spots" of high response levels, while the campaign is airing. This might allow us to supplement the national media buy, with a local schedule, in areas generating the strongest response levels.
  • MAPP - The Technology that Makes Infomercial DRTV's Media Campaigns More Profitable
    Infomercial DRTV's sophisticated MAPP technology provides us with the information and tools to formulate targeted media plans and to track and optimize results in real time. The bottom line is that MAPP allows us to produce more profitable DRTV campaigns for our clients.
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